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Dorset to introduce 20mph speed limit in towns & villages

Towns & villages across the county of Dorset are to adopt the all-so-familiar 20mph rules, set out across Wales, back in September 2023.

If you live in Dorset, or travel through Dorset, you have no reason to panic about not knowing the new speed limit – well, until April, when the Dorset Council will start installing the new speed limit roadsigns in Bridport, Wimborne, Langton Matravers, Pimperne and Winfrith.

Local parishes and town councils have been able to apply for the 20mph speed limit since 2022, after the introduction of this Dorset Council policy.

The actual speed limit change isn’t a mandatory change for all 30mph roads where pedestrians & traffic mix but for those signposted clearly. 

Applications for Okeford Fitzpaine, Child Okeford, Milborne St Andrew, Winterborne Kingston, Cheselbourne and Wimborne (areas of Allenview Road/Burts Hill) are also being considered for the speed limit change by Dorset Council.

The scheme aims to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as they mix with traffic, which has been a great success in Wales, as early statistics post-implementation indicate a promising trend in road safety. Preliminary reports suggest a reduction in road traffic collisions in areas where the 20mph limit has been enforced.

Notably, urban areas and residential zones have seen a noticeable decrease in the severity of accidents, aligning with the policy’s primary objective to safeguard pedestrians and cyclists.

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